Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nancy Folbre: Our Carbon, Our Climate, Our Cash - NYTimes.com

Bernie Sanders is still my favorite Senator. Here Nancy is blogging about a carbon tax proposal:
Nancy Folbre: Our Carbon, Our Climate, Our Cash - NYTimes.com: A new Climate Protection Act introduced by Senators Bernard Sanders, the independent from Vermont, and Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California, proposes such a tax. About 60 percent of the revenues would be returned directly to consumers, 25 percent allotted to deficit reduction and 15 percent devoted to investments in renewable energy.

Rand Paul’s Loopy Ascent - NYTimes.com

Aside from the Paul Family's opposition to imperialism (US variety) there's not much to like.
Rand Paul’s Loopy Ascent - NYTimes.com: When you’ve got loons the likes of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin fluttering about, I suppose it’s easy not to seem like such a wacko bird yourself.